Infinium Mouse Methylation BeadChip Training

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  • GenomeStudio Genotyping: Evaluating Infinium Assay Controls

    Recorded Webinar (October 2015) | This webinar is targeted to users of standard Infinium products and custom iSelect BeadChips interested in the basics of assessing data quality in GenomeStudio. We will demonstrate how to use the GenomeStudio Controls Dashboard for effective assay QC and troubleshooting of Infinium genotyping data. The webinar will cover the different types of controls used in the Infinium genotyping assay, where in the assay workflow they come into play, and what the expected outcome is for each of the controls. These concepts will be applied in a live troubleshooting demo in GenomeStudio. A question and answer session will immediately follow the presentation.

  • GenomeStudio: Advanced Analysis Tools

    Recorded Webinar (July 2019) | This webinar is intended for all levels of GenomeStudio users. We will demonstrate the use of some available tools and techniques in the GenomeStudio Genotyping, Methylation, and Expression modules, including: heritability and reproducibility analysis; concordance tool -heat map, dendrogram, histogram/frequency plots; and image viewing- scatter plot tools.

  • Infinium Chemistry

    This training provides an introduction to the Infinium assay. It lists the steps of the Infinium assay, describes the biochemical mechanism of each step, and explains how different genotypes produce different fluorescence signals.

    20 min

  • Infinium Methylation: Introduction to GenomeStudio analysis and BeadArray Controls Reporter

    Recorded Webinar (October 2020) | Illumina Technical Support invites you to join us for an introduction to GenomeStudio Methylation analysis. This webinar is targeted at new and intermediate Infinium Methylation Assay users. Topics covered will include: Basic overview of Methylation Assay Workflow including Bisulfite Conversion, optional FFPE sample restoration, and Infinium assay chemistry, how to generate a GenomeStudio Methylation Module project using GenomeStudio v 2011.1, including options for normalization and analysis, evaluating built-in assay controls using the GenomeStudio Controls Dashboard and Bead Array Controls Reporter (BACR), and data visualization tools in GenomeStudio