TruSeq Custom Amplicon Contents & Storage

Box 1, Pre-Amplification
Reagent Description Storage
ACD1 Amplicon Control DNA 1 -25° to -15°C
ACP1 Amplicon Control Oligo Pool 1 -25° to -15°C
OHS2 Oligo Hybridization for Sequencing Reagent 2 -25° to -15°C
ELM4 Extension Ligation Mix 4 -25° to -15°C
PMM2 PCR Master Mix 2 -25° to -15°C
TDP1 TruSeq DNA Polymerase 1 -25° to -15°C
SW1 Stringent Wash 1 2° to 8°C
UB1 Universal Buffer 1 2° to 8°C
  Barcode plate stickers for HYP, FPU, IAP Room temperature
Box 2, Pre-Amplification

Box 2 is shipped at room temperature. As soon as you receive your kit, remove the LNB1 and store at 2° to 8°C in the post-amplification area. The filter plate should remain in the pre-amplification area at room temperature.

Reagent Description Storage
LNB1 Library Normalization Beads 1 2° to 8°C
  Filter plate with lid Room temperature
Box 3, Post-Amplification
Reagent Description Storage
HT1 Hybridization Buffer -25° to -15°C
LNA1 Library Normalization Additives 1 -25° to -15°C
LNW1 Library Normalization Wash 1 2° to 8°C
LNS2 Library Normalization Storage Buffer 2 Room temperature
EBT Elution Buffer with Tris Room temperature
  Barcode plate stickers for CLP, LNP, SGP, PAL, DAL Room temperature
Box 4, TruSeq Custom Amplicon Oligo Kit, Pre-Amplification
Reagent Description Storage
CAT Custom Amplicon Oligo Tube -25° to -15°C