VeriSeq PGS Library Prep Kit Training

  • Training Videos


  • MiSeq: How to Start a Run

    After completing this course you will be able to identify the MiSeq run setup options, describe how to prepare the MiSeq reagent cartridge and load libraries, and list the steps to start a sequencing run with MiSeq Control Software (MCS).

    Languages: Chinese (Simplified), German, Japanese, Korean, Spanish

    20 min

  • Sequencing Analysis Viewer (SAV)

    This course provides the basics on how to get started using Sequencing Analysis Viewer (SAV). By the end of this course, you will be able to: identify the purpose of SAV, list the steps to load data into SAV, and describe the tabs in SAV.

    15 min

  • Sequencing: Fundamentals
    After completing this course you will be able to describe DNA, RNA and the central dogma; discuss traditional sequencing methodologies; and compare traditional sequencing to sequencing by synthesis.

    15 min